Scaffolding for concrete frame structures

Concrete frame structures are commonplace in the construction industry and represent a significant proportion of the projects that LPS Scaffolding undertakes.

Usually ranging upwards from 4 or more floors, we are able to provide scaffolding to structures in excess of 20 storeys.

Working at this height requires bespoke scaffolding design and different working practices. Our own stringent safety procedures, which are under constant scrutiny, ensures the safest possible working environment.

Scaffolding for steel frame structures

We provide scaffolding for steel frame structures. Typically after the steel work is delivered and erected by crane, our scaffolding is erected as required around the installation of cladding, brick and blockwork and all other services.

Our Scaffolding services for concrete framed and steel framed construction are available upon request, in our surrounding areas. 

Need scaffolding for a Concrete or Steel Framed Structure?

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